Adelina Eramo
Adelina Eramo

Cerere is an organic farm. The organic method of production is mainly concerned with the health of consumers, producers and the environment. The farm has implemented such methods of production since 1987 (formerly the Cerere Cooperative), when laws governing the organic sector had not yet been outlined and those who talked about it were looked at condescendingly.

The farm land is on the Comino Valley hills on the west side of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, an area where organic production is predominant.
Our products are consumed in our small restaurant and also processed into jams, marmalades, marinated vegetables and so on.

We strongly believe in the promotion of authentic local products and of our traditional cuisine, which we implement in modern and progressive ways.

We also think that agritourism should provide a real impression of the local area, promoting what is distinctive, original and authentic, as well as small-scale production, reasonable prices and the shortest possible production chain, guaranteed by local producers. ù

In our small restaurant we offer traditional dishes, often revisited with a creative mind, in order to recover or discover genuine flavours, fragrances and tastes.

We also support the recovery of old and indigenous vegetable and animal species, because we believe that plants and animals that have long been an integral part of the culture of an area not only pay testimony to traditional flavours and colours, but are also more resilient to adverse climate conditions and to weeds and pests.

However, being aware of the non-European origin of products which we now consider ours, like tomatoes, beans, corn and so on, we do not discriminate against products of other, far-away lands.

We believe globalisation should be an opportunity for freedom, development and progress for every human being, every land and every culture with such a goal to be achieved through harmony, balance and respect towards rights and identities.

We consider genetic modification (GMO), at least how it has been approached so far, to be a violation of environments, health, cultures and knowledge developed through the centuries. We support state funded scientific research while rejecting that which is privately funded as it serves only the purposes of profit and power over people and nature.

We believe in solidarity towards all beings in whatever forms it may take and support, wherever possible, the aims of Fair Trade.